FASTRA RUP–F2 Vamzdynų uždarymo prietaisas

RUP - F2 device is used for temporary closure of pipelines, gas leak removal, replacement of ball valves or short-term closure of pipelines using rubber plugs. Rubber plugs are made of special antistatic rubber. The RUP - F2 device is designed as a support system that makes work easier. It is sold as a set or as separate parts, according to the customer's needs.

Diameters of closed pipelines:
Steel pipes from DN 15 to 50 (1/2" to 2") Polyethylene pipes from 20 to 63 mm
Maximum pressure in closed pipeline:
Up to 5 bar*
Natural gas, water, other non-aggressive gases and liquids
Operating temperature:
-10 / +70 °C
The device complies with CSN EN 1775:2008 art. 8.2.3 standard of tightness requirements
*maximum pressure load, taking into account

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