Dujų nuotėkio detektorius EX-TEC ® PM580 · 550 · 500 (iki 5 skirtingų dujų)
Portable gas concentration measuring device for detection, measurement and warning.
Mobile gas measuring and gas warning devices from the EX-TEC® PM 5xx series facilitate the daily work of gas pipeline installers, maintenance personnel and other technical personnel.
They can be used to detect leaks in freely accessible gas pipes, assess the risk of explosion, and determine whether toxic gases are within dangerous limits.
In Structure, the EX-TEC® PM 580 displays the concentration of carbon monoxide in the room air and triggers an audible and visual alarm if the values ​​are too high.
Toxic carbon monoxide is produced by combustion equipment, such as heating systems, due to insufficient ventilation and poses a danger to humans.
Distinctive features:
The 2.5” screen can be easily seen in any conditions: bright, high-contrast, with backlight.
Convenient to use: simple use of four keys and clear program structure.
One-handed operation: for left-handed and right-handed.Convenient design: the non-slip body is firmly held in the hand.
Transparent, easy-to-change dust filter allows you to quickly detect a dirty filter.
A sound signal protects the pump of the device when the hydrophobic filter comes into contact with water.
Can detect up to five different gas types with additional accessories. Audible and visual signal when dangerous gas concentration is detected.
Power supply: AA-type rechargeable or disposable batteries.

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