SeCorrPhon AC200 daugiafunkcinis vandens nuotėkio detektorius
SeCorrPhon AC 200 is a multifunctional water leak detector that offers three functions in one: pipeline noise detection, leak location and correlation. A clever combination of these processes in a single system allows reliable leak detection regardless of environmental conditions.
Acoustic water leak detection:
Water leaking from a damaged area in a pipe causes vibrations. These vibrations travel along the pipe and can be heard as structural noise, even at distant contact points such as fittings. The vibrations also travel through the earth to the surface of the earth as ground noise, albeit very muted. The SeCorrPhon system is your perfect leak detection assistant because the vibration becomes audible to the human ear, and the sound and frequency spectrum is recorded and displayed as a graph.
A location with a correlator involves simultaneously measuring noise caused by pipe leakage between two fittings (e.g. on valves or hydrants). Ultra-sensitive microphones record noise on the fittings, radio transmitters transmit signals to a receiver - a correlator, which determines the difference in running time. The correlator calculates the exact location of the leak using the pipe length, pipe material and diameter entered.

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