TONISCO® Junior (Jr.)

TONISCO® SYSTEM drilling machines are designed to connect to a working gas pipeline, water pipeline or oil pipeline, factory tanks without disconnecting lines or temporarily shutting down the system.

TONISCO® Junior (Jr.) machine weighs only 5.5 kg, it can be easily operated by one person. Drilling equipment can be equipped with a variety of saws, drills and adapters to cut into steel, plastic or concrete pipe.

With suitable adapter TONISCO ® Jr. the machine can be used with flanged (PN or ANSI), threaded or welded connections. Line repair or emergency work may be carried out "under pressure".


  1. Drilling through taps and valves of different connection;

  2. Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electric drive;

  3. Cutting into pipelines for different uses;

  4. ATEX-approved hydraulic and pneumatic actuators;

  5. Universal and easy to manage;

  6. Easy to maintain;

  7. Fast delivery.


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